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The past year has been a troublesome one. From the Australian bushfires to the pandemic and from the passing of George Floyd to the tragedy in Beirut, we have all felt great grief. But if this year has been hard on anyone it is those who unfortunately became a refugee. Aside from all the global horrors that have happened, this group faces immense hardships starting way before they flee their homes. The journey can last for months or even years, during which they often get separated from their families. Leaving massive numbers of vulnerable people on the move, needing help.

As many of you may know loving and caring for one another is something we stand by. That is why we wanted to help those in need, but we need your help doing it. In the past few months we have started collaborations with 13 artists (list down below). Every single one of them has made a masterpiece for us to put together into an album named ‘Ishtar’. Because there is very little we can individually do our common goal is to raise money for various charities, so they can do the work we cannot.

Music has the ability to cheer up, heal and connect those who listen to it. That is why it is through music that we hope to help.



We want to thank all the artists for their amazing work!
Jack Essek - Wassim Younes - Thommie G - Alex Doering & Bedcheck - Goro - Ka:lu - SEVN – Sound Shapes - Stephane Salerno - OM.EL BEAT - ANDARA - Slowlane


Release date: The 20th of March,
PRE Orders start on the 9th of March.



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