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Our Story

We are a place where fantasy, stories, and reality melt into a unique twine of music and natural sounds. A space, where artists are free to whisper their stories through music and where listeners are dancers freeing their souls. Oozing and lively souls waving at the rhythm of infinite magic and dreams. Dancing into a million shades of light. Into an explosion of DEEP sounds.


In this world it can be hard to truly connect to life and all its beauty. With Orientaldeep as a festival organization and label we strive to build a safe and accessible space where both artists and music lovers can find and strengthen their connection through music and discover every inch of it.


Life should be about appreciating, enjoying and sharing music. By creating a safe, loving and informative space we create the opportunity to do just that, both online and physical. We strive to connect artist and music lovers so they will be bonded for life.

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